Nuclear Medicine Technologist Resume Template

Nuclear medicine technologists operate the diagnostic facility for the detection and treatment of various forms of cancer. Injecting safe radioactive drugs called “tracers” that travel to the affected tissues of cancer patients, nuclear medicine technologists operate gamma detecting cameras to capture images of these tissues to help pinpoint the nature of a disease, and help the doctors confirm the diagnosis and prescribe the proper treatment regimen.  The process can also help doctors learn how a patient is responding to the treatment.

Nuclear Medicine Technologist Resume Template

Howard C. Acevedo

Fountain Valley, LA, California

Phone:  818-556-0912


To become part of a team of nuclear medicine technologists in a metropolitan hospital

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 4 years of experience in healthcare as nuclear medicine technologist
  • Excellent oral skills in English and Spanish

Career Experience / Job History

2006 – Present:  Nuclear Medicine Technologist, Fremont Hospital, CA

  • Explain the use of radioactive injection and the gamma detecting camera procedure to the patient if interested.
  • Administer the radioactive tracer by injection or by oral mean as may be prescribed by the oncologist.
  • Ensure staff and patients are protected from any stray radioactivity.
  • Correctly position the patient and the equipment
  • Monitor the patient during the entire procedure
  • Operate the facility and conduct computer analysis to produce medical images.
  • Transfer images into computer printout on images that can be analyzed in a PC in the oncologist’s office.
  • Perform any minor repairs or adjustment to equipment when necessary


2004 – 2006:  Associate in Nuclear Medicine Technology, Sanford Brown

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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