Nephrologist Resume Template

Nephrologists are doctors whose specialization is diagnosing and treating people with kidney disorders such as pediatric kidney problems, kidney stones, acute kidney failure, cystic kidney disease and inflammation of kidney blood vessels. Nephrologists also treat ailments resulting from abnormalities in the body’s water and mineral balance, diabetes-related kidney diseases and hypertension (high blood pressure). They are often referred to by general practitioners whose diagnosis point to a deeper kidney problem for their patients.

Nephrologist Résumé template

Dr. Alvaro H. McKenzie

Bolton Hill, Baltimore, Maryland

Phone: 443-980-9011


To become part of a team of urologists in a large metropolitan hospital

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 16 years of experience as a resident urologist in a large metropolitan hospital specializing in the pediatric urology over the last 5 years.
  • High expertise in the use of surgical and diagnostic equipment.
  • Excellent interpersonal and communication skills in English.

Career Experience / Job History

1994 – Present:  Resident Nephrologist, John Hopkins Hospital

  • Diagnose and prescribe treatment for disorders of the kidneys and genitourinary organs
  • Diagnose patients using the right equipment in determining the nature and extent of kidney disorders or injuries.
  • Treat patients using diathermy appliances, cystoscopes, catheters, radium emanation tubes, and similar medical appliances.
  • Perform dialysis, surgery on damaged and cancerous kidneys.
  • Perform kidney transplant surgery in serious cases, ensuring donor compatibility and proper sourcing.
  • Prescribe and administer anti-rejection drugs to neutralize infections or preclude relapses after kidney transplants.
  • Keep updated with new developments in surgical technique and medication.


1994: passed the State Board requirements for Maryland

1994: passed the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)

1992 – 1994:  Internship with specialization as a Nephrologist, University Medical Center, MN

1989 – 1992:  College of Medicine, University of Minnesota

1985 – 1989:  Bachelor of Science in Biology, Northwestern Health Sciences University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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