Museum Cataloguer Resume Template

In a large museum that houses thousand of artifacts in various categories of cultural or historical significance, a cataloguer works to ensure that each item is properly tagged or identified in themselves, in their storage container, or exhibit location as well as getting a correct match in the museum’s artifact database. Large museums employ cataloguers to handle a backlog of artifacts to be catalogued or revised as well as cataloging incoming items. Each cataloguer is assigned to specialize in certain categories such as war implements, historical manuscripts, burial and ceremonial artifacts, Egyptian, Chinese, Mayan, etc.

Museum Cataloguer Resume Template

Eliza J. Starfield

Yorba Linda, Orange, CA

Phone: 657-550-9293


A management position as museum cataloguer in a large metropolitan museum

Summary of Qualification

  • More than a decade experience as a museum cataloguer for a presidential and a biographical museum
  • Excellent writing and organization skills

Career Experience/Job History

2003 – Present:  Assistant Museum Cataloguer, State Presidential Library and Museum

  • Assist the Museum Archivist and Curator in categorizing and cataloguing the museum’s collection in the war category.
  • Photograph each item in various views and stores as JPG file in the corporate database with the right filing information.
  • Develop together with other cataloguers a numbering system to unify the collection in the database system.
  • Assist the IT department in the development of a system to allow individual PC flat screen displays in each exhibit location for visitor inquiries and automatic information display.


2001 – 2004: MS in Archeology, Stanford University

1995 – 1999: Bachelor of Arts in History, Cornell University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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