Mover Resume Template

A mover is responsible for loading and unloading items as requested by the client.  On top of everything, he must be physically fit and with good problem-solving skills.  Movers must be able to estimate work load and can plan of ways how to get it done.  Most movers are employed in industries or businesses there is a constant for relocating things such as in construction and home relocation.

Mover Resume Template

Jack Dean

1234, Amity Street

Ashville, PA

(909) 457 -5890


I am a physically fit and diligent person seeking to be employed as a mover.

Summary of Qualifications

  • With experience in moving equipment and house items in different areas
  • Very good in making inventories especially in long distance places
  • Earnest in making sure that handled things are in good condition and free of scratches or deformities
  • Excellent ability to estimate work load and device plans to implement task

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2010: Mover, Stan and Ben Movers

  • Assisted clients in moving things (furniture, equipment, appliances) to area of relocation
  • Respond to client’s special requests especially in handling things that need extra safety
  • Made inventories before and after moving items and ensured that all are in good condition
  • Arranged and stocked large items in mover truck and unloaded it to specified area following client instructions

2007 – 2009: Construction Worker, Bender’s Consrtruction

  • Made building posts and foundations using necessary tools and equipment
  • Moved construction materials from storage to construction site with or without the assistance of moving equipment
  • Handled boring, cementing, and other similar activities in construction
  • Coordinated with other employees in charge of other construction activities


2003 – 2007: Diploma, Chase Middle College

  • Served as a working student for the principal’s office

Can produce reference of credentials during interview.

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