Most Serious Mistakes in Résumés Writing

A résumé is a professional and courteous medium to introduce you as a potential candidate for a job vacancy.  The last thing you want to project from the start is that you’d be a problem to the company when employed.   Rebellious, undisciplined and unruly persons really have no place in a corporate setting unless they have some really outstanding skill a company can’t do without. The HR recruiter is trained to spot such a person from the résumé.  You don’t want to be misinterpreted as one such and there are certain things you should avoid when writing a résumé so you don’t project as one.

  • Be Sloppy. It’s often easy to incur typographical errors, spelling and syntax lapses as well as wrong choice of words in either your résumé or covering letters. Any of these, in fact, just one that gets noticed by a recruiter, is enough to give the impression that you have no patience with details or are simply sloppy to allow one to get through when just about every HR experts is advocating error-free résumés.
  • Getting carried away with your credentials.  The HR recruiter knows if there’s real substance in your job experience or they’re just wordy bragging or prattle. If you’ve already indicated you had a training in C++ programming and have been using for the last 3 years, no need to add that your were top in class.
  • Getting too friendly.  You could get away with a simple joke at the start of your covering letter to catch attention, but it gets annoying when you sound too friendly or too informal in your language with abbreviations and sentence shortcuts you expect the recruiter to know.  To be safe, always be dignified and restrained in your résumé.

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