Logistics Resume Template

Logistics is the management of goods, information about it and other resources or parameters between the point of origin and the point of consumption, done so to meet the requirement of the consumers. A logistics manager directs daily operations while maintaining full responsibility for shipping and receiving asset and also the operational performance.

Given below is a Logistics Resume Template which is helpful for all who want to apply for the job in logistics industry on various positions.

Logistics Resume Template

Robert Hayden

315, Hamburg,

Norfolk  2086

Phone: (286) 9658580



A  position providing high experience to manage how and when to move the resources to their needs.

Summary of Qualifications:

  • Maintained inventory count of all products.
  • Hired, trained and mentored junior staff.
  • Ensured quality control for outbound shipments.
  • Coordinated returns for damaged products.


  • Worked as a liaison with environmental and transportation departments.
  • Developed a tracking system to get an account for inbound and outbound inventory.

Career Experience/Job history:


Logistics Supervisor, 2005-08

  • Supervised logistics, safety and quality.
  • Conducted different inventories using up to date technology.

Benton & Benton, Norfolk

Logistics Supervisor, 2002-05

  • Coordination of supply chain from raw materials to final delivery.
  • Supervised product distribution to 5 distribution centers.
  • Improved customer service by resolving operational deficiencies.

The Hunter Corporation, Norfolk

Operational Logistics Manager, 1999-2002

  • Supervising and coordinating unloading of shipments.
  • Handling the workforce efficiently.

U.S. NAVY, Norfolk

Logistics Staff Officer, 1992-2002

  • Coordination of logistics support during wartime including equipment and resupply.
  • Proper execution of coalition logistics programs.



M.Sc. Computer Information Systems, University of New York, New York


B.Sc. Computer Information Systems, University of Arizona, Arizona

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