Lawyer Resume Template

To practice law is a very responsible job. It needs honors degree in law and a certificate to practice a law. The personals that practice law are known as lawyers. While preparing lawyer’s resumes one can add brief summary of successful cases also or you can present a separate file of that at the time of an interview. Given below is a Lawyer Resume Template which is helpful for all who want to apply for the jobs like Senior Lawyer, Legal Law associate, Junior Lawyer and others. Many companies also need lawyers for the legal process.

Lawyer Resume Template

William Parker
8276 Aden Street
Wrong Woods, MA 04589
Phone: (258) 286594

Looking for a job in a multi-national company as a Legal Law Associate.
Summary of Qualifications:

• Good knowledge about corporate laws
• Have solved more than 50 cases successfully regarding legal disputes

Career Experience/Job History:
Goodbe Legal Consultants

Legal Consultant

•Represent clients in court of law in various litigations and lawsuits.

•Advice and counsel the client in various legal matters and also handle legal paper work for the client.

Home Product Manufacturers
Legal Assistant

• Handle legal paper work for the company, aide senior legal advisors in researching appropriate case studies.

• Work on litigations against nonpayment of product loans and handle legal notices.


• Gold medalist in graduation.
• Have successfully handled many litigations for the clients resulting in nil or minimum damage for the clients.
2000 -2002
University of Arizona, Masters of Law

Ohio State University, Bachelors of Law

References upon request

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