Insurance Underwriter Resume Template

Insurance companies protect individuals and companies by covering and assuming billions of dollars in risks every year. Underwriters are indispensable in the trace to evaluate a policyholder’s risk of loss and calculate the company’s exposure when assuming the risk. But apart from covering the risk, the appropriate premium rates are set to allow for reasonable profits.   In the hands of underwriters rests the business so that it won’t appear too stingy to the markets but not pay excessive claims that could bankrupt the insurance company.

Insurance Underwriter Resume Template

Henry T. Peterson

Hampton, Virginia

Phone: 757-465-7981


A management position as an Insurance Underwriter in a major insurance company

Summary of Qualification

  • Almost a decade of experience in as an underwriter for a large life insurance and financial company that sell insurance and pension products as investment products.
  • Excellent writing and organization skills

Career Experience/Job History

1999 – Present:  Assistant Insurance Underwriter, Sunlife Financials, Virginia

  • Assist the lead Insurance Underwriter to develop risk models to in determining insurability people in various situations, professions and circumstances.
  • Analyze information in insurance applications, attached medical test reports and actuarial studies to determine risk acceptability
  • After a thorough risk evaluation, decide correct insurance policy and appropriate premium level.
  • Accompany sales agents to explain insurance product policies and premium to high risk individuals.
  • Mentor new underwriters on the job.


2000 – Present: Various in-house trainings and seminars on actuaries and risk management, insurance products and policies and negotiating skills.

1995 – 2000: Bachelor of Science in Accounting, Cornell University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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