Immigration Officer Resume Template

Immigration officers are tasked to screen people entering the US territory and allowing to take residence, order the detention of over-staying or unauthorized immigrants, file cases and cause their deportation.  They may be assigned in consulates and be tasked to assist the embassy functions in processing VISA application and provide information in business and business opportunities in the US.

Immigration Officer Resume Template

Debra S. Hayes

Greenwich Vill., New York City

Phone: 212-487-5588


To be part of the government’s team of Immigration Officers

Summary of Qualification

  • 9 years of experience dealing with illegal immigrants as an immigration officer.
  • Excellent command of computer database systems
  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills in dealing with Hispanic immigrants, both legal and illegal.

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present: Immigration Officer, US Immigration Services Bureau

  • Determine eligibility and admissibility of persons seeking entry to the US by examining travel and identification documents
  • Check advance travel documents with immigration databases for matching and reconciliation with reservation systems of airline landing in the country.
  • Conduct interviews of suspected illegal immigrants
  • Alert Homeland Security Agents about aliens suspected of terrorist activities
  • Grant landed-immigrant status, admit persons or order detention or deportation
  • Conduction search and apprehension procedures on people presumed to be in violation of current immigration laws
  • Assist in the deportation of persons in violation of immigration laws.


2002 – Present:  In-house trainings and seminars on US Immigration laws and procedures.

1998 – 2002: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Utah State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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