Getting your Résumé on CD

In the mid 90s, the CD has become a corporate calling card that contained the company annual report, history and product brochures.  It wasn’t’ long before professionals saw its potential to contain their own résumés, often embellished with mini biographies with a collection of images about themselves and their families, hobbies, schools and video documentary about their work and what people say about them.  They only needed the right authorware to do a self-playing CD once inserted on a PC and it was ready for distribution

The CD medium soon became electronic calling card for many professionals who have the software to author a résumé on a CD.  For most résumé work, the mini-CD is often preferred.  Once inserted, the CD plays a PDF file or launches the internet web browser for an offline web surfing for the employer.  It comes with a menu pages containing a viewable and optionally printable text résumé, a photo album of the professional in various settings, often with the family and engaging in your hobby or work.

But the most beneficial aspect of the CD as your résumé is that it has enough space to contain your portfolio.  It is best suited to professionals in the multimedia, arts, music fashion, advertising, architectural and industrial graphics design fields.  You can have images of your works set-up in the menu structure or you can launch an online site where your works can be seen.  Employers can have a field day browsing though your works and can immediately give you a call for an interview.

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