Getting Specifics Detailed in Your Résumé

You résumé should tell your prospective employer that you’re the right person to fill in the job vacancy.  While a résumé, however well written, won’t guarantee you the job, you can at least be sure to get a call for an interview or at least a schedule for one. To be convincing in your résumé, there are certain things you need to do and not do.

Don’t be modest.  Modesty can be a virtue but not when writing a résumé and making your accomplishment stand out.  Don’t just indicate your duties and responsibilities in your current and past jobs.  The HR recruiter already knows these things.  What you need to tell you recruiter is what accomplishments you’ve done in the context of those duties.  That can mean going into specifics.   Don’t just say “Contributed to product launching.”  But be more specific like “arranged the successful promotional road show to launch brand XXX among retail agents.”  Telling about your achievements is really more about taking credit where it is due and letting your recruiter know about it, provide it’s relevant to the job.

Don’t exaggerate. But at the same time you don’t need to hype up, embellish or invent achievements since these things can easily be verified by HR recruiter with just a simple phone call to your current or past employer.  In the example above, there’s no need to say that you “received the highest commendation for being the only agent to successfully launched brand XXX” especially if there’s little truth to it.  It’s enough to say the specifics of your achievement without hyping it.

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