Getting Employers to Notice your Blog Résumé

With your blog site as your personal website dealing with your interest, hobbies and profession, you can have an edge in landing in your target job.  Employers, headhunters and HR professionals are just as tech savvy as most and have promptly used internet resources to screen potential candidates for their vacancies.  Apart from scouring social networking sites to check on promising applicants, there’s the blogosphere which give them a more insightful look into an applicant who has a blog site.

A number of professionals with active blog sites effectively hold an accurate snapshot of their personalities, experience and qualification on a blog site.  A journalist can have his writing style shown in his blog articles; budding musicians can post their compositions while graphics artists and web designers can do likewise.  Blogs that answer questions from posters reveal the wealth of expertise for the blogger, whether in computer, photography, consumer electronics, gardening, etc.

While employers can do their own investigative research on these blogsites, job applicants can do better by referring their blog URL in their résumés that recruiters can easily visit by clicking on when displayed as a Word file.  Bloggers have been known to post their personal, educational and job profiles which simply echo what they have on their résumés.  But what’s more invaluable are the blog articles they post along with how they respond to visitors, revealing not just what they know and their opinions, but also how they deal with people.  These are things that can never be revealed in a regular résumé.

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