Get Chronological and Functional in Your Résumé

A résumé should be able to give your recruiter a good reason to call you up or schedule an interview.  It’s not supposed to echo your current employer’s job description of your present position. Neither should it be a mere chronological listing of the positions you’ve held over the years.  That’s not what makes a résumé interesting for a recruiter to read.

The chronology of your job experience is just a framework, the skeletal structure, over which you flesh out a brief functional description of what you did in each of these positions.  If you’ve had 10 years of work experience, you can chronologically group and arrange your work experience from the earliest to the latest or in reverse.

But depending on the job being applied for, the chronology can take a back seat. An application for a senior management position can often go more functional and forego the chronology if that can result in a less cluttered presentation of your credentials.  You only need to include positions that point to your ability to manage and lead.  If you’ve had freelance work between key positions or have had clerical work earlier, you can safely forego these in the interest of brevity and conciseness.

Similarly, if you’re applying as a web development management position, including a portfolio of your earlier web design works in your résumé may only clutter the presentation when the employer is interested in what works you have managed to get accomplished with a team under your supervision, not your own works.

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