Geriatrician Resume Template

Geriatricians are doctors who specialize on caring for older adults and apply medical gerontology or geriatrics.  Recognizing that the body and medical needs of aging people are often different from middle age adults, geriatricians apply medication of the same disease afflicting both age groups differently.  For instance, cancer detected in old age may not be treated with aggressive chemotherapy or surgery as younger people would.  There’s no specific age threshold when geriatricians begin to make better sense, but it’s often after age 60.  Geriatricians can be general practitioners or specialists such as geriatric neurology, geriatric dentistry, geriatric psychiatry, etc.

Geriatrician Resume Template

Dr. Oscar O. Owens, MD

Federal Hill, Baltimore, Maryland

Phone: 443-897-4456


To become part of a team of geriatricians in a large metropolitan general hospital

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 12 years of experience as a geriatricians in a couple of large hospitals
  • Excellent interpersonal skills when dealing with old scrooges

Career Experience / Job History

2006 – Present:  Geriatrician, Private Practice in Baltimore

  • Accept and treat patients with specialization in treating patients above age 55
  • Coordinate with geriatric specialists in the Baltimore area hospitals from specific treatments on patients requiring specialized treatment.
  • Maintain liaison with homes for the aged and provide regular visits to these homes or as requested when treating ambulatory impaired aged folks.

1999 – 2006 : Resident Geriatrician, Cedars-Sinai, LA

  • Diagnose and treat patients above 60 years of age
  • Refer patients to fellow geriatricians with specialized skills as required


2005: passed certification to practice in the State of Massachusetts

1998: passed certification to practice in the state of California

1998: passed the US Medical Licensing Exam (USMLE)

1995 – 1998:  Internship at University Medical Center, California,

1992 – 1995:  College of Medicine,  University of California

1988 – 1992:  BS in Biology, Stanford University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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