Functional Resume Template

In function resume more emphasis is placed on skills, experiences and related qualification more than the work history. In functional resumes the work history is always mentioned at the end of the resume. Functional resume template is useful for students who usually have little or no work experience. It is also right for job applicants having work history gaps of more than one year or people switching their career fields. Functional resumes should not be used by regular job seekers as it sends across a signal that the job applicant is withholding some information.

Functional Resume Template

Sarah Hill
43 Page Street
West Woods, MA 02321
Phone: (263) 386343

Seeking the job of financial consultant in established Financial Consultancy firm.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Guided many clients in federal financial laws.
• Have helped over 50 companies in reducing their debts.
• Successfully suggested and implemented various financial processes in many private and public sector companies for effective cost cutting.

Spring Semester 2000
New York Community College, “Public Sector Accounting”

University of Texas, BS in Accounting and Business
Career Experience/Job History:
Feel Good Financial Consultants
Financial Consultant

• Interact with various company finance directors and suggest necessary changes to financial practices to depreciate their debts

• Ensure the clients sustain their profits by continuously updating the processes and procedures so that liabilities are brought down.

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• Maintain accounts for the company.

• Draft expenses and income at the end of the day by consolidating sales, purchase orders and miscellaneous expenditure.


• Gold medalist in graduation.
• Presented papers on efficient financial practices at various conferences.

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