Forensic Science Technician Resume Template

The forensic science technician is a trained professional responsible in operating and maintaining equipment used the medical examiner, pathologists and forensic lab researchers.  Forensic science is a multi-disciplinary initiative involving physics, chemistry, microbiology, zoology, chromatography, biometrics, medicine and ballistics, to mention some.  A forensic technician is often assigned in a criminal investigation unit.

Forensic Science Technician Resume Template

Alvin Dan G. Hartwell

Harrisburg, Pennsylvania

Phone, 717- 980-0921


A lead or supervisory position in a forensic laboratory as a forensic science technician.

Summary of Qualification

  • About five years experience in operating electronic and electro-mechanical systems used in forensic.
  • Excellent verbal and written communication skills in Spanish and English
  • Excellent interpersonal skills dealing in various professionals involved in a criminal investigation.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present: Forensic Science Technician, Office of the medical Examiner, City and Country of San Francisco

  • Gather and analyze physical evidence related to any criminal investigation.
  • Operate and maintain all electronic, electrical and electro-mechanical equipment used in forensic crime labs.
  • Assist the medical examiner or criminal investigation officer in updating and maintaining records.
  • Testify in the use of and legal admissibility of laboratory equipment in determining relevant evidences in any criminal trial.


2005 – 2006:  In house seminars and conferences on various forensic subjects (ballistics, forensic psychology, DNA analysis, forensic pathology, video and speech analysis and toxicology)

2004 – 2007:  Master of Science in Forensic Science, Florida International University, online study

2001 – 2004:  Bachelor of Science in Forensic Science, Virginian Commonwealth University, Richmond

Professional reference will be furnished upon request.

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