Football Trainer&Coach Resume Template

If you entertain of someday joining the NFL league, you need to train early and a competent Football Trainer and Coach gives you the stepping stone to a rewarding career in football intramurals.   Football Trainer/Coaches are often part of the team of athletic coaches in schools and colleges as well as civic organizations with interests in the state and national football championships.  They can be employed full time or part time or can also be employed by sponsors of NFL games.

Football Trainer/Coach Resume Template

Greg V. Matheson

West Haven St., Milwaukee, Wisconsin

Phone: (414) 243-6445


To work as a Football Trainer/Coach for a college football team

Summary of Qualification

  • More than 13 years of experience mentoring athletic football teams in secondary schools on a part time basis
  • Excellent medical and physical fitness
  • Excellent communication, social and interpersonal skills

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present: Football Trainer/Coach, Madison Metropolitan High, WI

  • Conduct recruitment process for the school’s football team among interested students
  • Conduct tryouts to determine beset candidates among applicants
  • Prepare course regimen and ensure compliance during training exercises
  • Secure training budgets from schools officials
  • Make final selection of team composition with player back-ups
  • Maintain liaison with civic organizations to allow the school to participate in inter-color sports tournaments
  • Counsel and mentor individual players for them to realize their sports potential.


1997 – 1998:  Football coaching clinics, NFL

1994 – 1997: High School Diploma, Madison Metropolitan High,

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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