Firefighter Resume Template

A firefighter resume is a document which outlines the qualifications and work experience of an aspiring firefighter. It is through the resume only that the selection panel in the fire department of a city government assesses the potential of each candidate before zeroing in on the most suitable ones for the actual interview. Thus it is extremely important to make a solid impression in the firefighter resume itself and this can best be done through the help of a firefighter resume template. The firefighter resume template must be crisp, matter of fact and professional.

Sample Firefighter Resume Template:

Resume for the Post of Firefighter 



Contact number [Mention the relevant personal details of the candidate wishing to obtain the post of firefighter]

Educational Background and Training in Firefighting:

  • Obtained high school diploma or equivalent GED from _____________________ [name of institution] in ______________ [year].
  • Obtained Bachelor’s degree in ___________________ [subject] from ____________ [name of institution] in _____________ [year].
  • Firefighting training and certification obtained from ___________________ [name of institution] in the year _________________ [year].

Skills  for the post of Firefighter:

I have the following skills which I believe shall render me eminently suitable for the post of firefighter:

  • _______________________________
  • _______________________________
  • ______________________________ [Mention the relevant skills which will help the aspirant firefighter to clinch the job]

Work Experience:

  • Worked as ___________________ [name of position] in _______________ [name of company/institution/emergency services] from ______________ to ____________ [years].
  • Currently employed at ______________________ [name of company/business/emergency services] in the capacity of _______________ [name of position] since ________________ [year of joining]

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