Fire Sprinkler Fitter Resume Template

Fire sprinkler fitters install, test and repair piping systems terminated with sprinklers found in the ceilings of various industrial, commercial buildings as well as in garden lawns of homes and parks.  These sprinklers are meant to prevent potential fire and are of the wet or dry type, foam, chemical or other types.  Fire Sprinkler Fitters are trained to handled both high and low pressure pipeline systems for supplying water and other substances for detection and automatic activation.

Fire Sprinkler Fitter Resume Template

Martin B. Berg

Decker St., Detroit, Michigan

Phone:  586-993-5576


Looking for a position as a lead Fire Sprinkler Fitter in a large automotive service center

Summary of Qualification

  • 9 years of experience as a Fire Sprinkler Fitter a building contractor.
  • Excellent command of piping and fire prevention technologies

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present: Fire Sprinkler, National Builders Contractor, Inc.

  • Interpret building blueprint specifications to determine layout positions for installing pipeline network in ceilings in compliance with building codes and civil engineering works.
  • Install the clamps, brackets and hangers to support the pipes using the prescribed hand and power tools
  • Connect pipes and piping sections using welding and soldering equipment and connect them to water mains, water pumps and supply tanks as indicated in the blueprint.
  • Test system for leaks using air or liquid pressure equipment
  • Inspect, maintain and repair pipeline sections, fixtures and controls including hydrant, pump, heat detectors and sprinkler head connections
  • Fill-out job order forms and indicate parts installed or replaced for billing purposes.


2001 – Present:  Apprenticeship with various In-house trainings and 3rd party seminars on fire protection sprinkler systems, their installation and repair.

1998 – 2001: Diploma in Water System Technology, West Michigan Institute of Technology

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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