Factory Manager Resume Template

Factory manager has the task to supervise the operations of the factory as well as each employee is paying attention to their work or not. No idle and overtime frauds are been made by employees for the work they did not performed.

Stock and inventory level checks to ensure resources are enough to keep the work going. Given below is a Factory Manager Resume Template and is helpful for all who want to apply for the post of a Factory Manger.

Factory Manager Resume Template

Scott Pringle

45th Heather Street

River side, North Carolina 0655

Phone: (534) 77894323



Wants to work as a Leading Manager in a reputed manufacturing Factory within a challenging environment

Summary of Qualification

  • Worked as the Operation manager at a production facility
  • Managing the production runs according to budgeted output.
  • Capacity level should be achieved to gain maximum efficiency.
  • The workers should be motivated enough to be with work completion requirement. Good in preparing budgets and segregating quarterly outputs that needed to be achieved.

Careers Experience/Job History

2002 till present

Rowland Factory

  • Manager operations for the production of mining tools and equipments used in the heavy mining areas
  • Achieved 96 % production run capacity
  • Minimum wastage of materials
  • Cost Cutting strategy to increased the net profit margin by decreasing the budgeted costs


  • Manager operation award for the best quarterly result
  • Best Worker award of the Factory by the Board of Directors
  • Rewarded the bonus payments in three consecutive years on achieving the target level within the target time



Masters in Business Administration, University of Oxford


Bachelors in Business Administration, University of Bradford

Professional Reference upon request

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