Environmental Science and Protection Technician Resume Template

Environmental Protection Technicians perform laboratory and field tests that are necessary to analyze the conditions of the environment pertaining to pollution and deterioration.  They record data and prepare the summary of their analysis and discuss such results to the clients.  They also recommend possible ways to troubleshoot such problems, restore damages and prevent further deterioration of the environment.  These technicians also monitor the implemented programs for environmental pollution and report its progress to their clients.

Environmental Science and Protection Technician Resume Template

Reagan Reed

9865 Global St.

Lincoln, USA 76889

Phone: (878) 908-909



Experienced environmentalist seeking for a job as Environmental Science and Protection Technician

Summary of Qualification

  • With specialization in performing laboratory and field tests
  • Excellent skills in recording data and preparing reports
  • With abilities in setting up recording equipment such as pollution monitoring machines, fog index machine, soil acidity measuring device and others
  • With vast knowledge of chemical composition, structure, substance properties and chemical processes
  • With good health condition and innate concern for the environment

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Environmental Protection Team Member, Greenpeace

  • Performed laboratory tests on the waters of Paraguay contaminated with lead due to spills
  • Recorded data and prepared reports for presentation to the local government of the area
  • Set-up monitoring devices of both water and air in the sea and gathered daily readings
  • Collected affected animals, did pollution tests and restored them back to health
  • Cleaned damaged waters with specialized boat tankers
  • Recommended restoration measures and coordinated with the local government for its implementation

2004-2008: Laboratory Technician, Sanders Chemicals Incorporated

  • Invented chemical mixtures needed for household cleaners
  • Tested chemicals for its hazards to human health


1998-2002:  Bachelor of Science in Environmental Science, Lincoln University

2004: Training on Environmental Laws and its Impacts to Environmental Conservation

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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