Enriching Your Résumé

Some professions are better essayed in résumé with a thorough portfolio of their works that can be seen rather than just written about.  Here, the old adage that says that pictures are worth a thousand words apply very well.

Professionals in the field of the arts and entertainment, music, graphics design, advertising and other media professions can benefit from getting their portfolio captures in their résumé.  The internet has made it very interesting for prospective employers to go through some résumés that enjoy a website or a blog site.  Applicants can simply email the URL of their site to prospective employers. Once on the site, employers simply browse through the site or blog to get a comprehensive taste of the applicant’s portfolio.

Alternatively, using printed résumés mailed or attached in an email, the applicant can have a page complete with URLs pointing to various online sites containing his works.  This is what résumés of web developers, HTML programmers and web graphic artists employ to convince their employers they’re the right ones for the job.  You don’t have to get the emailed résumé printed as viewing them in any word processing software will show the URLs hyperlinked directly to the site.

Other professionals such as writers can point to sites with text content they wrote.  There are specific sites that contain nothing by works of arts, photography and video media that are really meant to showcase one’s artistic and creative muscle which your résumé can point to.  Even YouTube can be a good media site to house your résumé like a documentary video that presents you in a quasi-biographical sketch.

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