Emailing your Résumé’s Covering Letter

The internet offers a lot of opportunities to get your prospective employer notice you. One of the most basic channels is the email.  But just like email marketing, you need to be very careful that your solicitation for employment does not get treated like junk email. This is where a good introduction email with your covering letter on your résumé can do a good job.

Firstly, you need to know that the company is looking for a person with your qualification and this can easily be gleaned from their website.  They often have their HR manager or officer in the contact page or career page you can get in touch with.  Never blindly send out your covering letters to companies because you can end up be being treated as junk mail and your name becomes notorious online.

Remember that your covering letter is meant to compel your reader or recruiter to check out your résumé in more detail.  You have two choices to get your résumé accessed.  You can have your résumé attached to your email covering letter. Or you could set up a website or page in your blog containing sections of your résumé. Your covering letter can just have relevant words hyperlinked to these pages either when viewed as email or on MS Word. That way, the employer can only look at specific information on your résumé if their curiosity is picked in your covering letter.

Lastly, don’t forget to have your personal contact details in your covering letter as well as in any section of your résumé hyperlinked from your covering letter.  This makes it easy for the employer to simply pick up the phone to call you at any point when reading your résumé

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