Earth Driller (Non-Oil) Resume Template

Earth Drillers emp0loyed in non-oil drilling operations are tasked with handling a few types of specialized heavy equipment engineered to drill through earth using pneumatic, rotary, and churn drills that tap sub-crust water sources and archeological digs,  test substrate soils, remove core samples in mineral exploration or simply facilitate the deployment of explosives in mining or construction. They can also be tasked to operate horizontal and earth boring contraptions for various mega-engineering projects.

Earth Driller (Non-Oil) Resume Template

Randolph R. Vernon

Toca Hills, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: (404)- 519 – 8393


To work as a Earth Driller for a large mining or construction company

Summary of Qualification

  • Abort 8 years of experience handling heavy earth drilling and boring equipment since migrating to this country from England.
  • Holder of a valid drivers license
  • Excellent medical and physical fitness.

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present: Earth Driller, Non-Oil, McPherson Gulley Contractors Corp, Atlanta

  • Observe work shift schedules to ensure high productivity of the team.
  • Regulate drilling speed and pneumatic pressure and perform subsequent adjustments according to the type of earth drilling equipment being used and the nature of earth material being drilled.
  • Coordinate with geologists and mining engineers to ascertain the earth property to be drilled or bored and allow for the correct drilling alignment and positioning.
  • Access drilling operations through gauges and equipment vibration and adjust operating parameters when needed
  • Drill holes in rock formations for blasting or building foundations.
  • Operate peripheral machines that flush and sweep out earth cuttings and dust from holes.


2001 – 2004: In-house apprenticeship in earth drilling operations

1998 – 2001: High School Diploma, West Derby School, Liverpool

Professional references to be furnished upon request

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