Drywall And Ceiling Installer Resume Template

Drywall and Ceiling Installers are interior construction workers trained in building, installing, applying or attaching interior wallboards or wall coverings and ceiling boards in residential and commercial buildings. These boards can be pre-fabricated in accordance with frame distances or are customized on the spot.  While much of the work is designed for functionality, like fireproofing and acoustic damping, some are meant for aesthetics or decorative purposes.

Drywall and Ceiling Installer Resume Template

Martin G. Samonte

E. Twiggs, Tampa, Florida

Phone: (772) 343-8099



To work as a Senior Drywall and Ceiling Installer preferably in a supervisory position for a large construction company

Career Experience/Job History

2002 – Present: Drywall and Ceiling Installer, St. Ignatius Contractors, LA

  • Follow construction rules and safety standards and observes work attendance schedules for optimum productivity.
  • Ensure delivery of pre-cut prefabricated dry walls and ceiling tiles in the right quantity sufficient to cover interior frames as prescribed in the blue print.
  • Use only approved power and non-power hand tools in attaching walls and ceilings to their designated frames
  • Cut and trim drywalls to fit special space constraints
  • Nail and screw wall and ceiling panel on wooden or metal frames as applicable.
  • Prepare drywalls and drywalls to correct surface imperfections prior to finishing
  • Attend in-house trainings and courses for productivity and quality improvement.

Summary of Qualification

  • Almost 10 years of experience in interiors after migrating to this country
  • Excellent physical fitness to carry heavy prefabricated drywall and insulation materials
  • Excellent reading comprehension skills to follow instructions and interior blueprints.


2001 – 2004: Apprenticeship with a local residential construction company

1997 – 2001: High School Diploma, Paco Catholic School, Phils.

Professional references to be furnished upon request

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