Downgrading your Career Objective in a Résumé

Aiming for a new job is not always an upward career movement.  Your résumé can aim for a lateral movement in the same field, say from a Software Development Manager to a Computer Operations Manager. There’s not much of a problem here and you could get your lateral movement within the same company, you only need to indicate that in your covering letter addressed to the department head.

The more interesting résumé would be aiming for downward movement, a self-imposed demotion of sorts.  The résumé can be movement request from an IT Manager to an Insurance Sales Agent, indicating a change in career which often requires the applicant to start from the bottom rank anew.  Or it can be you just want to take on a less challenging job due to family concerns or raising kids.

Either way, you need to be honest and sincere about your requirement in a suitable résumé summary or covering letter.  The problem may lie in the fact that there’s nothing in our résumé job experience to support your new career despite pointing out that you are taking a new course of getting certified for the new profession

If you are looking to get a less demanding and challenging job in the same field which would allow you more time to deal with your private or family affairs, you need to point this out in your covering letter or summary.  If you are going from a management position to a subordinate role, you may expect to be branded overqualified unless your explanation is acceptable to the recruiter.

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