Does Your Résumé Make You Look Overqualified?

It’s not just applicants who are underqualified for the post who gets rejected. Those who are overqualified in the judgment of recruiters also get rejected.  If you’ve crammed your résumé to contain all the jobs you’ve ever held over the last 25 years of your working life, don’t be surprised if the recruiter responds to your emailed application to say you’re overqualified for the position.  In short, the company just rejected your bid.

After decades of having undergone various jobs, it’s tempting to put them all in your résumé thinking that with such a wealth of experience, you can’t possibly be rejected for a position just a notch above what you have.  Think again.

An employer is often just interested in the last decade of your experience that’s closest and has the most relevance to matching the requirement of the vacancy.  If the résumé has a lot of other job experiences spanning more years than the minimum they are asking, it’s not surprising that the recruiter can gauge you as being overqualified for having more experience and training than what is needed for the job.

Don’t fall into this trap of putting all your jobs in a résumé.  Focus only on those that are relevant and the latest that are relevant to your target position.  Be sure to emphasize the fact you’ve been staying current with the latest technologies relevant to your job so that even if you’ve been in the workforce for the last 20-30 years, you’re as good anyone younger than you which is often preferred by many employers.

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