Distributing Your Résumé to Headhunters

Like most consumer products being sold, you need to strategize how you plan to get your résumé reach the widest markets.  Traditionally, there are “middlemen” who can do the job.  These are your professional headhunters who work both ways. They look for people who fit a company’s employment requirements, hence the term “headhunting.”  But headhunters also serve to get your résumé distributed to companies who may be interested in your qualification.

Hence, if your résumé’s objective indicates you want to be a sales executive, the headhunter files your résumé among other applicants with the same aspirations and if there’s nothing else specific to requirements, the headhunters send copies of the résumé filed under “sales executive” to these companies.

If there’s a specific requirement for a sales executive in the IT industry and yours fit the bill, then your résumé gets sent to the company looking for one.  And your résumé competes with others with the same basic qualification.  That’s why a lot of effort and thinking goes to making one’s résumé stand out from the pack.

Once a bunch of résumés get to the HR recruitment office, they are always sorted out and prioritized, with the most qualified getting shortlisted while those underqualified and overqualified sorted out and possible archived for a second look if nobody in the shortlist pass the interview.

Headhunters often get paid by companies getting their services either on a retainership basis or by commission which pays them either a percentage amount of the salary of the successful applicant they hire.  Some will also charge successful applicants a percentage of their first month’s salary, depending on the arrangement.

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