Cruise Director Resume Template

The cruise director serves as the overall manager and planner of all activities and entertainment services in a cruise ship.  The director ensures that all events are properly coordinated and arranged so that all activities are thoroughly prepared and accomplished.  He is the main source of information and makes sure that all guests get a pleasant experience safely and conveniently during the cruise.

Cruise Director Resume Template

James McKinley

50 East Oak, Chicago, IL 60611

Phone: 980-765-1234

Career Objective:

A well-trained and innovative individual seeking to serve under the management of a cruise ship

Summary of Qualifications

  • Hard-working and with vast experience in the management of cruise ship activities, social events and customer service
  • Good organizing skills in reports, files and information management necessary for the ship’s overall operations
  • Excellent public speaker and confident in mobilizing ship crew as well as guests to participate in the cruise activities and events
  • Knowledgeable of the safety measures and procedures issued by ISM

Career Experience/Job History

2007-2010: Cruise Director, Royal Caribbean

  • Managed the performance and work ethics of the different departments in the ship
  • Held trainings and staff meetings for the overall coordination of all staff under different departments
  • Directed passengers through public announcements and other marketing and promotional activities executed by the staff
  • Planned and organized functions and social events for the entertainment of guests

2004-2007: Assistant Special Events Manager, Princess Anne Cruise

  • Took charge of delivering planned special events such as concerts, galas and social parties in the cruise
  • Coordinated all special events to the crew and the involved departments in the ship
  • Made and maintained contacts from the entertainment business for the delivery of social events


2001-2004: Degree in Business Administration and Management, University of Illinois

Reference: Available against specific request/if mandatory.

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