Construction Worker Resume Template

Construction industry has various kinds of jobs available like from site engineers to laborer. Lot many job opportunities are available in the construction field.  Construction worker job is also one of them. If one has any degree in the field of construction then it is highly appreciated but what matters the most is the professional work experience.

The job of construction worker requires good craftsmanship and creative and analytical skills. Given below is the Construction Worker Resume Template and this is helpful for all who want to apply for the job of construction worker. You can edit the template by your name, education, experience and other details.

Construction Worker Resume Template

Andy Ross
54, Newlyn Street,
Wikisville, MA 04459
Phone: (286) 295245

Want a job in the construction company as a construction worker where I can use my skills and abilities to the best.

Summary of Qualifications:

• Good knowledge of engineering drawing.
• Can design the innovative building designs.
• Very creative and materialize the concept well on the paper.

Career Experience/Job History:


New Concept Construction Company,
Senior Construction Worker

•Leading a team of 20 construction workers

• Laid bricks and mixing of cement


Alpha & Omega Builders
Constructor Worker

• My responsibility was to lay bricks

• Mixing of the cement for the new construction and demotion direction for the  old buildings.


• Have won the national level bicycle championship.

2000 -2002
Diploma in Building and construction, University of New York, US

References upon request

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