Construction Management Resume Template

Construction management deals with the project management of a particular building and about its suitable construction feasibility and time frame within which it will be ready. Construction management further requires careful planning of the resources and amount of money provided by the owners to the construction management team.

Given below is a Construction Management Resume which is helpful in applying different job in the construction industry like Construction planner, Construction manager and others.

Construction Management Resume Template

Harvey Fred

82nd Owen Street

Windmill Road,

Minnesota 02937

Phone: (001) 63743784


Accept a challenging time frame for the utilization of scarce resource for the Construction of a building.

Summary of Qualification

  • Architectural Logo Certificate in planning the Construction under adverse circumstances.
  • 12 months Certificate in changing the Design according to provided Resources.
  • Leadership Certification in managing human resources.

Career Experience/ Job History

2006 till present

A.C Lloyd Builders

Chief Construction Engineer

  • Did two major construction projects in two international cities i-e Dubai and Las Vegas
  • Performed consultancy work for the projects of constructing tunnels under water.
  • Provided support in the human resource management programs various times.


AD Design and Construction Company

  • Planned and performed 4 months site work at the International Airport in Sweden.
  • Performed consultancy work for the parking of maximum airplanes at a specified space of an Airport.
  • Designed Towers to provide visual contacts at most landing gears at one time utilizing minimum staff in the tower.


Was awarded best Site Developer of the year at the current job

Professional Reference will be provided upon request.



Masters in Architectural design, University of Bradford


Bachelors in Architectural Engineering, University of Waterloo

References upon request

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