Construction And Building Inspector Resume Template

When overseeing the conformance of any construction project to building codes, state, environmental and safety regulations, and approved blueprints, Construction and Building Inspectors provide the primary compliance function in architected civil works (i.e., highways, roads, bridges, dams, etc.) and structures (residential , commercial and industrial). They often work in a team each specialized in various construction areas such as safety, electrical, waste management, etc.

Construction and Building Inspector Resume Template

Engr. Timothy F. Hallstead

Union St., Springfield, Illinois

Phone: (413) 211-3645


To work as an Construction and Building Inspector for a government regulatory agency in the local or municipal level

Career Experience/Job History

2001 – Present: Construction and Building Inspector, Springfield City Engineering Office

  • Process building permit requests and approve building blueprints that comply with state building codes, safety and environment regulations.
  • Meet with project managers of both public and private civil works projects to discuss engineering concerns to ensure all areas are sufficiently covered.
  • Conduct geographic survey to assist the City Engineer and officials in mapping out and allotting areas for residential, commercial and industrial development
  • Conduct construction site inspection to check on progress of compliance
  • Issue work permits for approved projects
  • Issue work violation notices for any construction infractions with recommendations on implementation of corrective and preventive solutions.
  • Issue work stoppage if violation findings remain unaddressed.

Summary of Qualification

  • About 10 years experience as project manager in various civil works
  • Above average organizational and computational skills
  • Excellent verbal communication and interpersonal skills


2000:  Passed board exams to become a Professional Engineer

1995 – 2000:  BS Civil Engineering, Yale University

Professional references to be furnished upon request

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