Common Cover Letter Mistakes in Résumé

A covering letter to your résumé is not just any ordinary letter.  It can be your key to landing your dream job in a large company.  When a recruiter reads your cover letter, don’t waste the rare opportunity to get him or her to read your résumé which, if done right, can get you scheduled for that interview you’ve always wanted.  When that happens you have one foot into employment.  The rest is now up to you.  But first, try not to goof your covering lettering which is easy to do.  Here’s what you should avoid.

  • Never make a typo error or misspelling which reveals you’re sloppy and has no patience with details.
  • Never be too chatty, personal or informal.  You can do that when you’re employed, but not before.  Follow the same principles on dignified writing, come straight to the point with the right language, punctuation, grammar and spelling.
  • Never start your covering letter with “My name is.”  That’s already indicated somewhere in your covering letter and résumé.  Don’t invent situations on how you got wind of the vacancy or invent someone who referred you as these things can easily be verified.
  • Never ruin the impression with typographical errors.  They are as distracting as wrong spelling or grammar.
  • The covering letter is a call to action letter.  Don’t forget a closing statement that you hope for an interview or a call on your application result.
  • Never sound too self-deprecating if you’re just starting out.  The recruiter wants to feel self confidence in your letter, but not sounding vain and boastful.
  • Never go beyond a single page, but never use small print to cram everything in just one page.  Your covering letter should only talk about why the employer should read your résumé and therefore only pick ion the most relevant aspect of your résumé.

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