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Teacher Resume Templates

Even if you are a teacher, novice or veteran, you will find it difficult to prepare a resume.  It is not because you don’t know, but because you are nagged by the questions “Should I add this? Should I add that?” frequently.  If you go through our several teacher resume templates, you will be surprised to […]

Best Teacher Resume Template

A best teacher is one who is able to impart proper knowledge to the students in a creative and easy manner. The role of a teacher is to make sure that the students have understood the concepts that are being taught by the teacher without any difficulty. Thus the resume of a best teacher should […]

Professional Teacher Resume Template

A professional teacher is one who teaches at a professional level. These teachers are needed to impart knowledge on various subjects. A professional teacher resume template must be drafted in such a manner so that they showcases the skill sets, qualifications and experience of the candidate in an effective manner and this can be done […]

Primary Teacher Resume Template

A primary teacher is one who teaches students studying from grade 1 to grade 3. The primary teacher has the responsibility of assisting primary students to understand the specific subject that is being taught. Apart from this the primary teacher is also expected to be very proactive to the understanding of different students and handle […]

Preschool Teacher Resume Template

A preschool teacher is one who teaches and takes care of children below the age of 5 years. The preschool teacher has the primary responsibility of making children understand alphabets, numbers, fruits, vegetables, surroundings etc. As this is a very difficult role and requires the teacher to be very skilled, the resume should also be […]

Dance Teacher Resume Template

A dance teacher is one who teaches various forms of dance to students. The role of dance teacher is to groom the students in specific style of dancing that is being taught apart from educating them about the history of that dance form. The dance teacher must possess extraordinary dancing skills and thorough knowledge of […]

High School Teacher Resume Template

A high school teacher is one who teaches students of high school grade. The teacher has the responsibility of teaching correct facts to the students apart from conducting exams and correcting the papers from time to time. The high school teachers also have the duty of grooming the students in a proper way by advising […]

Early Childhood Teacher Resume Template

An early childhood teacher is one who is involved in teaching and taking care of children below the pre-kindergarten group. The early childhood teacher has a great role to play in the intellectual and social development of the child. The early childhood teacher needs to be highly skilled and experienced to handle children of this […]

ESL Teacher Resume Template

ESL teachers are those teachers who teach English to foreign language speaking students. The ESL teacher has the responsibility of teaching to speak, read and write English to the students. The ESL teacher can be hired to teach either adults or children based on the educational qualifications and experience. Therefore the resume of an ESL […]

Elementary Teacher Resume Template

An elementary teacher is one who teaches to children studying in grades 1 to grades 8. The responsibility of an elementary school teacher is very high as they have to be capable of teaching children on various topics such as social studies, science, language etc. Accordingly the resume of an elementary school teacher has to […]