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Pharmaceutical Resume Templates

Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology companies serve the society by taking care of the health problems of citizens.   It offers jobs in areas like Biotechnology, Biomedicine, R & D, Sales, Chemists, Bio-combinations, Herbal Drugs and Logistic Jobs.  A pharmaceutical resume template will be a great help if you are applying for a job in any of these […]

Pharmacy Assistant Resume Template

A pharmacy assistant is an individual who works under the supervision of a pharmacist in a medical centre or a hospital. These individuals are assigned various job duties including dispensing of medicines as per prescription, maintaining inventory of medicines, looking after the purchase order of the medicines and other. The candidates who wish to work […]

Clinical Pharmacist Resume Template

A clinical pharmacist is a clinically trained individual, who recommends the suitable therapeutic decisions, conducts research procedures concerning diseases & associated treatments and provides essential information on drugs. These professionals closely work with health care practitioners and patients. Resume plays an important role for acquiring this job position and a candidate can take help of […]

Hospital Pharmacist Resume Template

A hospital pharmacist is an individual who works in a hospital pharmacy and is responsible for various job duties. These candidates purchases the medicine, looks after the inventory of the medicines and are responsible for dispensing the medicines as per the prescriptions. In order to draft an effective resume for this job position, hospital pharmacist […]

Chemist Resume Template

A chemist is a trained individual who is responsible for optimising the available chemical compositions, initiating various chemical tests on chemical compounds, analyzing and planning out the new chemical formulas. A chemist takes care of diverse laboratory procedures, records the chemical outcomes of conducted experiments and carries out the new research programs. This CV is […]

Analytical Chemist Resume Template

An analytical chemist utilizes unique bio- analytical and laboratory techniques in order to perform testing procedures on chemical materials, conduct formulation methods and to analyse & validate chemical belongings and products. The candidate working at this position also ensures the implementation of precautionary measures during the testing procedures. Following given analytical chemist resume template is […]

Virologist Resume Template

Virologists work mostly in laboratories, along with microbiologists and bacteriologists in another department to study sub-microscopic viral organisms that have been plaguing humanity as agents for some of the most common and dreaded diseases. Their works create the basis for pharmaceutical science to develop new vaccines and medicines that aim to treat diseases like the […]

Bacteriologist Resume Template

Bacteriologists conduct laboratory and clinical research into the origins and genetics, function, chemistry and ecological significance of bacteria, fungi, virus, algae and protozoans.  They are often found in computerized laboratories either for pure science research or applied formulation studies in assisting the development of drugs for countering their harmful or toxic biological effects on humans […]

Pharmacological Chemist Resume Template

Modern prescriptive and over the counter drugs are pharmacological products developed by chemists in pharmaceutical companies.  Also called pharmaceutical chemists, pharmacological chemists research, design, extract, synthesize and cause the production of newly formulated drugs and therapies that comprise the chemical solutions for various ailments and injuries.. Pharmacological Chemist Resume Template Marvin H. Lee Pearl St., […]

Pharmaceutical Sales Representative Resume Template

Pharmaceutical sales representatives are tasked with marketing and distributing drug samples produced by their pharmaceutical companies  to various medical or veterinarian professionals.  They are not ordinary sales reps and require extensive knowledge about their products and must often have some educational background or at least are familiar with diseases and their treatment. Pharmaceutical medication is […]