Category: Manufacturing Resume Templates

Manufacturing Supervisor Resume Template

The job of a manufacturing supervisor is to supervise and manage the production process in any organization. He works in the manufacturing unit of the organization and has to ensure that the manufacturing process is taking place as per the procedure and does not come to a halt. It is very essential for an individual […]

Production Clerk Resume Template

Production Clerks ensure that the manufacturing of products in a company is running smoothly by achieving quota and production schedule.  They evaluate the activities in the production line and identify areas which may affect the efficiency of the delivery of the products.  The clerks oftentimes determine the progress of work and make reports for the […]

Pipe Layer Helper Resume Template

Pipe Layer Helpers practically helps plumbers, pipefitters, or pipe layers in all their operations.  They assist pipe layers in transporting, unloading and loading materials and equipment needed during operations.  They help in the lay out and assembly of pipes and they may excavate and grade ditches for the fitting and installation of pipes especially in […]

OEM Product Manager Resume

An Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) product manager is the expert in the development of the products of the company.  He knows the details of each product from its conception and production and can identify them to the needs of the clients.  He ensures that all products produced by the company function well and that developments […]

OEM Account Manager Resume Template

An OEM Account Manager is responsible for disposing products to clients from its Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM).  He is in charge of making sales plans and methods to ensure that the company’s sales goals are achieved.  He must have good interpersonal skills since he is expected to keep good business relationships with clients and offer […]

Lean Manufacturing Resume Template

A lean manufacturer helps improve the safety, operations costs and product quality of the firm or company. To analyse the transactional and production processes also to identify and address any problems is one of the major responsibilities of a lean manufacturer. Personal Details: Name: Charles Edwin Address: 1678, 45 street, MA 01561, (123)-456 7776. Email […]

Manufacturing Manager Resume Template

Successfully completed 13 years in the plant operations profession as a Asst. Manufacturing manager. senior positions with leading manufacturers of building materials and automotive products. Ensuring the skilled work under a stress free and a safe environment. The manager has to ensure the quality of the product manufactured and the packaging and delivering the product […]

Manufacturing Project Manager Operations Resume Template

A Project manager sets in motion, numerous functions such as personnel evaluation, accounting, procurement and also Information Systems. A Manager should be viable to communicate and collaborate with Global cross functional representatives to establish project execution priorities. Define project scope and identify the team deliverables and motivate them as a team to ensure that project […]

Pipe Organ Technician Resume Template

Those pipe organs in large churches and cathedrals have been manufactured and installed by pipe organ builders who employ a team of Pipe Organ Technicians to specialize in either flue or reed pipe technology. There are just a few pipe organs and there’s hardly any modern home that has one, except large palaces with avid […]

Instrument Mechanic Resume Template

Instrument mechanics are in demand for calibrating and repairing mechanical analogue measuring devices used in automobiles, ships, trains, submarines and aircrafts as well as the measuring test equipment used to diagnose these instruments.  They often work with reference to repair manuals of manufacturers of these gauges.  They also can work the repair and calibration of […]