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Manufacturing Resume Templates

Resume templates designed for the manufacturing sphere is called manufacturing resume templates.  All the criteria that must be followed in preparing a good CV should be taken care of here too.  These manufacturing resume templates will help you to do one for yourself without much confusion and waste of time. Jobs in manufacturing sector are […]

QA Tester Resume Template

AQA is also known as a quality assurance tester. He is responsible for managing and motivating the team members so that they can achieve their required objectives. A quality assurance tester has to follow all the required procedures and processes in order to ensure that the quality of the product/process is maintained. In order to […]

Electronic Assembler Resume Template

An electronic assembler is an individual who is responsible for performing micro soldering and micro welding jobs in order to construct electronic assemblies. He should also be able to repair the electronic assemblies if they are not functional. An electronic assembler resume template is the document which gives an idea about the format in which […]

Safety Manager Resume Template

A safety manager is an individual who is responsible for managing the safety measures of an organization. He has to come up with policies and procedures so that all the employees of the organization follow the safety measures and are also aware about it. Sometimes the job of a safety manger is to give safety […]

Plant Manager Resume Template

A plant manager is an individual who is responsible for the maintenance and daily operations of a plant. He has to ensure that the plant policies and procedures are being followed and has to supervise the production process taking place at the plant. A plant manager resume template proves to be of great help for […]

Material Handler Resume Template

A material handler is responsible for distributing and getting supplies and tools in an organization as per the policies and procedures. They do this on a daily basis and are also responsible for manual movement of stock, materials, freight and general labor. They also inspect and maintain records of incoming as well as outgoing consignments.  […]

Facilities Manager Resume Template

A facility manager is an individual who looks after the maintenance of the various facilities in an organization which include electronic equipments, water line, air conditioners, fire fighting equipments, internet connection etc. He has to inspect the facilities on a timely basis and see if they are in proper working condition. A facilities manager resume […]

Fabrication Engineer Resume Template

A fabrication engineer has to apply engineering principles and take responsibility of analyzing techniques and practices by developing a fabrication process. He has to look after the installation, identification and solving deficiencies in the production process. The resume of an individual applying for the position of a fabrication engineer needs to highlight the educational qualifications, […]

CNC Machinist Resume Template

An individual working with or handling CNC machines is known as a CNC machinist. The job function of a CNC machinist is to put into practice the programs and plans created by the CNC programmers. They need to possess excellent technical skills as well as they need to supervise machines and interpret manuals and blueprints. […]

Auto CAD Drafter Resume Template

An Auto CAD drafter is an individual who is responsible for designing the software program that is required for building Auto CAD drawing.  The individual applying for the position of an AutoCAD drafter needs to have good technical knowledge in the field of computers and also about software programming.  In his resume he needs to […]