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Law Clerk Resume Template

A law clerk is an individual who has to perform various clerical jobs in a law firm. They have to prepare as well as study various legal documents and maintain files that contain information about cases. Sometimes a legal clerk may have to make arrangements for the transportation as well as lodging of witnesses. The […]

Corporate Lawyer Resume Template

A corporate lawyer works as in house lawyer of a corporate organization handling all the legal cases of the organization. They have to investigate the details of the cases and prepare documents in order to solve the issue or may even have to go to the court to fight the case on behalf of the […]

Lawyer Resume Template

A lawyer is an individual who represents a client in a criminal or a civil case in the court of law. They have to listen and understand the legal issues of the client and find out a solution after investigating the case and applying the existing legal laws. It is necessary that a lawyer has […]

Legal Intern Resume Template

A legal intern is an individual doing an internship in a legal firm and is usually a recent pass out from a law school. In most cases legal intern do not have any work experiences so it is necessary for them to have good legal knowledge and ability to work hard. The resume of an […]

Legal Administrator Resume Template

The duties of a legal administrator are to carry out administrative support services in a legal organization, processing invoices of law firm and formulating systems of filing. They may also have to prepare expenses report and make travelling arrangements for the lawyers as well as witnesses. It is necessary that a legal administrator has knowledge […]

Legal Assistant Resume Template

A legal assistant is an individual who has to provide legal support in preparing legal documents and legal cases to the lawyers. It is necessary that an individual applying for this job position to possess educational background in the legal field. The resume of the individual applying for the same position needs to draw attention […]

Legal Nurse Consultant Resume Template

A legal nurse consultant is an individual who is responsible for assessing and studying opinions regarding the process of health care delivery and its results. They also have to act as the collaborator and strategists by providing support in medical areas like personal injury, medical malpractice, liability of product, toxic torts and compensation of workers. […]

Legal Counsel Resume Template

A legal counsel is an individual who is responsible for providing counseling services in a legal firm. They need to advise various departments on any questions related to contracts and may also have to examine as well as summarize agreements of the consumers. Sometimes they have to provide legal solutions and conduct research on various […]

Legal Clerk Resume Template

A legal clerk is an individual who plays an important role in the day to day business of a legal firm by providing administrative support. They have to operate both electronic as well as paper mediums in order to conduct legal research. They also have to prepare legal documents like affidavits and search legal documents […]

Legal Secretary Resume Template

A legal secretary is an individual who has to assist a lawyer in daily administrative work like conducting research on legal matters. They provide secretarial service in order to ensure that the legal work is managed properly. They also have to sometimes act as connection between attorneys, courts, victims and witnesses. It is necessary that […]