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Finance Resume Templates

Resume Templates are specimens of resumes.  Job seekers who are not experts in making impressive CVs can make use of these specimens and prepare very good and appealing resumes.  These templates will keep them from making unnecessary remarks, silly mistakes, and lengthy bio-data.  It will also save them time.  There are resume templates for jobs […]

Collection Supervisor Resume Template

Collection Supervisors manages the overall operations of the collections department in a company.  They ensure that bill collectors are prompt and responsible in gathering payables from customers by constant follow-ups and reminders.  Collection Supervisors coordinate all activities from the drafting of bills and readjustments to the on-field collections and transactions with collection outlets such as […]

Bill Collector Resume Template

Bill Collectors are essential in any company where services are paid on a regular basis such as telecommunications, electricity, water and other utilities.  They remind customers of their amount due by sending out billing statements through mail or email, giving out phone calls or personal visits.  Bill collectors keep track of customer accounts and identify […]

Financial Consultant Resume Template

Financial Consultants assist in different tasks such as the development of financial models from thorough evaluation, generation of debt service schedules and presentation of proposals and materials to name a few.  They are involved in investment management and use different strategies according to specific market characteristics.  Financial Consultants are tasked to manage projects in consistency […]

Chief Human Resources Officer Resume Template

Chief Human Resources Officers have administrative functions mainly because they manage the human resources of the company.  Their responsibilities include evaluation of employee records, planning and implementation of staff development programs, staff hiring, position promotions, performance assessment among others.  Chief Human Resources Officers make strategies to fully access the potentials of the labor section of […]

Financial Planner Resume Template

Financial Planners are excellent in drafting a workable and cost-effective program for clients who are planning on making investments or keeping savings.  These plans will help clients to direct their income and savings so that it may be used as an investment for businesses, insurances or retirement packages in the future.  Financial planners must thoroughly […]

Medical Biller Resume Template

Medical billers are in charge of the finances of the hospital in terms of patient transactions.  They are responsible for computing bills of patients who are either confined or outpatients.  Medical Billers keep records and update them taking into account purchases of medicines, use of facilities and rooms and doctor services in detail and ensure […]

Bookkeeper Resume Template

Bookkeepers play an important role in any business whether in small enterprises of large scale businesses.  They are responsible for recording every transaction of the business making sure that all sales returns and income as well as released funds are well accounted for and that there is proper allocation for them.  Bookkeepers keep records in […]

Retail Store Cashier Resume Template

Retail Store Cashiers work in retail stores that are abundant especially in malls and other market areas.  They are in charge of processing merchandise or goods that were purchased by customers, giving out the charge, receiving payments and handing out change and receipts.  They are responsible for ensuring that the price of each item purchased […]

Economic Analyst Resume Template

Economic Analysts are experts in evaluating market conditions by taking present data and predict possible outcomes in the future.  They do this by understanding and learning the effects of different factors that may cause fluctuations in production of goods, labor and consumptions.  As Economic Analysts, they create plans that would ensure stability or development of […]