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Entertainment Resume templates

Entertainment resume templates are documents which provide the skeletal outline of how an entertainment resume must be composed. Such a resume will be required by any individual desirous of making a mark in an entertainment related field. Some considerations should be kept in mind while composing entertainment resume templates which are as follows: The resume […]

Cemetery Worker Resume Template

Cemetery Workers are also sometimes called gardeners or property custodians.   Their work is mostly on cleaning outdoor areas of the cemetery and its surroundings.  Cemetery Workers also tend surrounding plants, flowers and trees that are found in the landscape.  They ensure that their area of responsibility is in clean and in good condition.  They also […]

Dining Service Inspector Resume Template

Dining Service Inspectors are highly trained professionals who make sure that food products and the food environment are in good condition and without any damage or deficiency.  They use methods to ensure the reliability and quality of the products before used or availed by customers.  Dining Service Inspectors also strictly implement evaluation and review of […]

Commercial Diver Resume Template

Commercial Divers work within the water environment below and on its surface.  They use scuba gear to implement different tasks given to them such as installing equipment and structures, repairing instruments or removing and clearing certain parts of the water and underwater.  They use scuba diving gear to protect themselves and to guard their health […]

Checkroom Chef Resume Template

Checkroom Chefs act as regular chefs who cook and direct the preparation of food for customers except that they work in checkrooms where most of the customers are in a hurry and have limited time.  They may prepare a wide variety of food selection which are convenient to eat and would not require long and […]

Catering Helper Resume Template

Catering Stewards make snack and meal time more convenient to people.  They work in catering companies who offer services from food preparations and servicing to the arrangement for venues and other activities.  They offer menus, take orders, deliver orders and serve the customers.  They should have a general knowledge in food nutrition and food preparation.  […]

Personal Shopper Resume Template

Personal Shoppers serve as the right hand of their boss as they provide almost all the needs and requirements in their everyday product needs most especially in fashion.  They work closely with their boss taking note not only of their personal activity schedules affairs but also considering personal preferences for clothes, shoes, accessories and others.  […]

Hotel Front Desk Agent Resume Template

A hotel Front Desk Agent acts as the first line of contact for the hotel. They welcome guests and entertain them as well as provide their needs for a specific room that would suit their standard without compromising their budget. They also answer the phones and make reservations for both walk-in guests and reservation made […]

Technical Customer Service Representative Resume Template

A technical customer service representative handles troubleshooting, repair, restart and reactivation of accounts especially for internet providers and satellite cable TV providers. They have the ability to help customers having problems with their connection and they handle inquisitions as to the minutest detail in customer’s inquiry and concern such as not seeing anything or a […]

Help Desk Staff Resume Template

A Help Desk Staff is responsible for answering and assisting inquiries made by individuals be it in a call center or front desk staff for a company. They must have sufficient knowledge and understanding of the process or product that they handle so as to provide immediate action and answer to the inquiry to resolve […]