Category: Engineer Resume Templates

Bridge Engineer Resume Template

A sub-discipline in Civil Engineering, the Bridge Engineer specializes in the design of bridge building methods using various traditional and innovative techniques.  They are also involved in mega-engineering works for long-span bridges that can traverse miles of waters and over various islands that can accommodate road vehicles and rail transport systems.  With all the new […]

Quality Assurance Engineer Resume Template

Quality Assurance Engineers define the manufacturing and service quality assurance standards based on statistical quality control trending.  They also determine in-process capability to determine process improvements to allow for quality improvement programs before any system upgrade can be designed to push the envelop to higher standards.  The elements to QA can be methods, procedures, machine […]

Ceramics Engineer Resume Template

Ceramics engineers are essentially chemical engineers specialized in the formulation of ceramics and the design and development of commercial production methods and facilities to meet various applications for consumers and industries.  They can be construction ceramic tiles for floors and walls or ceramics for dental prosthetics, kitchen and dinner wares and electronic applications such as […]

Manufacturing/Industrial Engineer Resume Template

Manufacturing Engineers are also industrial engineers tasked with developing and implementing technological advances in a manufacturing or service company for a cost effective, efficient and environmentally safe process management in all aspects of operation. They are involved in the planning, design and implementation of quality control systems, high quality production systems, plant lay-outing for efficient […]

Biochemical Engineer Resume Template

Chemists and biologists can work together in labs to synthesize materials and substances that carry promise to benefit humanity but the biochemical engineer makes the promise a commercial reality.  Focused on designing the manufacturing technologies, methods and quality control standards for consistent quality biochemical products, biochemical engineers create the synthetic materials and process such as […]

Agricultural Engineer Resume Template

Agricultural engineers design and develop the gadgetry and equipment that have transformed a labor-intensive farm production into a highly mechanized farming with the highest possible land yields in the history of farming. The increasing demand for agri products from an increasing pollution has prompted the radical transformation to large tract high yielding farms. Agricultural engineers […]

HVAC Technician/Mechanic Resume Template

Indispensable in maintaining home life comforts, the  HVAC mechanic or often called a refrigeration and airconditioning technician is responsible for installing and maintaining commercial and residential heating and cooling systems for living spaces as well as in appliances of preserving foods and other items that would perish without artificial climate systems. They are well grounded […]

Technical Illustrators Resume Template

With CAD/CAM stations, the technical illustrator foregoes manual dexterity in drawing complex machines by hand in favor of using automated drawing systems on a workstation.  Technical illustrators use computer aided techniques to draw parts and cut-out sections of machines as well as schematic diagrams for novice technical staff to better understand how things work. They […]

Project Engineer Resume Template

A Project Engineer oversees projects of a technical nature such as a construction of a power plant or an installation of IT systems.  Using project management principles for a disciplined harnessing of their technical skills, the Project Engineer manages the implementation of an action plan to a successful conclusion. A resume for the position should […]

Power Plant Engineer Resume Template

Power generator engineers design the basic large scale conversion of resources into electric power needed for all sectors of society.  They are found in traditional hydroelectric, fuel and coal-fired power plants as well as the nuclear reactors and the more environment friendly solar, wind and geothermal power plants.  They also design support system facilities in […]