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Designer Resume Templates

Designer resume templates are documents which highlight the correct methodology of framing designer resumes. Designer resumes are personal and professional profiles which indicate a candidate’s suitability and eligibility for a particular job in the field of designing. This can be the resume of a fashion designer, or an interior designer. Thus, given the wide range […]

User Interface Designer Resume Template

A user interface designer is usually hired by website designing companies to design user-friendly interfaces for their websites and other applications. UI designers are endowed with the responsibility of easy navigation between the different pages of a website and also to prepare an attractive, yet sober, look and feel to the web applications. Hence, a […]

Illustrator Resume Template

An illustrator is a professional who is an expert at drawing cartoons, landscapes, human portraits etc. A good hand at drawing and extremely creative mind set is required to gain position in this job. Illustrators have a wide field of work ranging for companies to self creations to illustration jobs at newspapers or freelancing jobs. […]

Architectural Designer Resume Template

An architectural designer is a person entrusted with the responsibilities of designing and planning any construction work, be it an office space, educational institute or residential estate. He needs to ensure that the maximum space is utilized in the best possible way and the construction is scientifically safe and seemingly beautiful. A creative mind and […]

Assistant Designer Resume Template

An assistant designer is a person who fundamentally plays the role of helping the senior graphic designers wherever applicable in the specific field of profession. The fields of interest for an assistant designer include, but not limited to, fashion designing, interior decoration, game designing and graphic designing. Irrespective of the field, the primary requirement for […]

Game Designer Resume Template

Game designers are professionals who are instrumental in designing computer video games. They design and conceptualize various elements of the games like levels, characters, puzzles etc. They also do the coding, testing and programming of these gaming softwares. Furthermore, game developers are involved in production related issues of gaming and various other aspects of the […]

Creative Designer Resume Template

A creative designer is a professional who is entitled to publicize a company as a whole, or its products, in a creative manner to its customers. The medium of advertisement can be print media or electronics media. Irrespective of the medium, the creative designer should make innovative advertisements so that the concerned product is highlighted […]

Instructional Designer Resume Template

The job of instructional designer by and large involves creating interactive presentations for students through which they can actively participate in the entire learning process. This is one of the new trends in academics whereby the instructional designer needs to work closely with the Subject Matter Experts and the students so as to make a […]

Freelance Designer Resume template

A freelance designer, as the name suggests, is generally a self-employed professional, who excels in creating designs for banners, posters, dresses, homes, offices and also for websites. Accordingly they are classified as graphics designer, interior designer and web-page designer. Irrespective of the classification, the primary requirement for a freelance designer is to have a good […]

Product Designer Resume Template

Product Designers are employed in nearly all industries.  From the design of aircrafts to cars, from fashion apparel to cellphones, Product Designers can have artistic talent or engineering skills or both in creating the first manifestations of any product.  They now use CAD/CAM and other drawing tools in either 2D or 3D to ensure that […]