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Automobile Resume Templates

Automobile jobs are one of the encouraging and promising employments in recent times. It involves extensive knowledge about the designing of a vehicle or motor car and how the latest technologies could be induced to bring advancement in the same. Therefore, such a resume template must underscore the following aspects while documentation. The template must […]

Meter Reader Resume Template

Meter readers have a very important job and are often underestimated for their job relevance.  They are responsible for identifying the amount to be paid in utility bills such as water, electricity, gas and others.  They check all information on client’s meters, records this and usually use electronic gadgets to keep the records or print […]

Gas Station Attendant Resume Template

Gas Station Attendants are responsible for assisting customers (drivers) in filling their vehicles with fuel.  They must be knowledgeable of the different kinds of fuel and its appropriate use for designated vehicles.  They should have a pleasing personality since this is a service job, they must greet customers and communicate with them to find out […]

Automotive Electronic Technician Resume Template

Automotive electronic technicians  install, diagnose, and repair communication, sound, security, and navigation equipment in motor vehicles which are increasingly dominated by electronics and digital technologies.  Most installation work involves either new security alarm or sound systems. Sound systems can be as simple as replacing the factory-installed head unit to installing more multichannel power amps with […]

Alternative Fuels Vehicle Technician Resume Template

Alternative fuels is a compelling impetus in a world that’s looking at ever increasing fuel pump prices and the trend to reduce dependency on imported oils. The AFV technician is highly trained about implanting alternative powering and fueling components and tanks in conventional cars such as methanol, propane or hydrogen fuels.  This calls for extensive […]

Automotive Body Repair Technician Resume Template

For a vehicle body that can still be repaired, the automotive body repair technician uses the modern tools at his disposal to restore the structural and sheet metal panels of a vehicle to near-original conditions, using original parts replacement or fabricated locally.  For sectional repairs, a reasonably good match of re-painting can be done, otherwise, […]

Automotive Paint Technician Resume Template

Automotive Paint Technicians or Paint Spraying Specialists perform one of the last aesthetic and functional touches on a commercial vehicle – the correct application of paints. Be sure you don’t import models of cars destined for humid warm countries, if you live in drier temperate climes, or vide versa.  Your car paint won’t survive.  That’s […]

Automotive Paint Engineer Resume Template

The automotive paint engineer is a highly specialized automotive engineering area that focuses on the application of paint chemistry and chemical engineering on the metal bodies of automobiles.  The objective is to ensure that paints can withstand corrosion and the weather erosion caused by cold temperate climes, dry arid or humid hot tropic climes.  Not […]

Automotive Service Technician Resume Template

With the kind of traffic you have in any city and the new road vehicle models coming out every 6 months from various marques, the need for repairing road vehicles has never been as great as today.  More than just car mechanics, the automotive service technician performs suitable diagnostics on all aspects of the car, […]

Automotive Engineer Resume Template

The automotive engineer combines a multi-disciplinary engineering skill set for supporting the electronics, electricals, mechanicals, hydraulics and pneumatics of a road vehicle.   The positions calls for development of car systems and subsystems that will require interface with clients, designers and 3rd party suppliers for a complete production blueprint for the manufacture or assembly of road […]