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Accounting Resume Templates

A resume, if not properly styled and written, will be lost in the multitude of applications that reach in response to an advertisement. Resume Templates will help you to write a resume that will guarantee you a job.  Actually templates are models or outlines of things that one can follow or use to reproduce. Accounting […]

Quantity Surveyor Resume Template

A quantity surveyor is an individual who is also referred to as a construction economist who is involved in studying the project he is assigned in the organization and making a plan of the estimated cost. He has to meet the construction costs of the organization and also supervise the activities of the workforce. In […]

Treasury Analyst Resume Template

A treasury analyst is an individual employed in a financial organization like a bank or a place where all kinds of financial transactions take place. The treasury analyst has to be aware about the goals and policies of the organization so that he can follow them to ensure smooth operation of the activities. A treasury […]

Tax Manager Resume Template

A tax manager is an individual who is responsible for doing strategic tax planning in an organization and also managing tax policies and positions. They are also responsible for interacting directly with the clients in order to provide innovative tax planning method. A tax manager resume template is a document designed the way in which […]

Quantitative Analyst Resume Template

A quantitative analyst is an individual working in the field of finance or investment industry and usually works by using numerical and quantitative techniques. They are concerned with factors like investment management, pricing of derivatives and risk management. In order to create a successful resume of an individual applying for the position of a quantitative […]

Certified Public Accountant Resume Template

A certified public accountant is a public accountant who has passed the certification exam in order to practice auditing and provide public attestation in a certain state. He should be a licensed individual in order to work in the position of a certified public accountant. The certified public accountant resume template mentions the aspects that […]

Audit Manager Resume Template

An audit manager is an individual whose job responsibility is to handle the audit staff of an organization and ensure that the audit work is done timely and appropriately. He should also have great communication skills along with ability to produce results and solve audit related problems.  An audit manager resume template is a document […]

Actuarial Analyst Resume Template

An actuarial analyst is an individual who is responsible for computing premium rate, risks, dividends etc on the basis of market condition and other probabilities and statistics. They usually work in an insurance company and should have excellent analytical skills. An individual applying for the position of an actuarial analyst needs to present his analytical […]

Tax Preparer Resume Template

A tax preparer is an individual who needs to have complete knowledge about the policies and rules of the organization and is responsible for payment of tax returns of a business organization. They also help clients in reducing their tax amount and paying it as per the tax laws. An individual applying for the position […]

Account Manager Resume Template

An account manager is an individual who manages the account of the organization in which he works by working as a link between the customer and the organization. He is also responsible for the business development and managing the projects of the organization. The individual applying for the position of an account manager should know […]