Biochemical Engineer Resume Template

Chemists and biologists can work together in labs to synthesize materials and substances that carry promise to benefit humanity but the biochemical engineer makes the promise a commercial reality.  Focused on designing the manufacturing technologies, methods and quality control standards for consistent quality biochemical products, biochemical engineers create the synthetic materials and process such as safe food processing and preservation processes, biodegradable packaging, synthetic fuels to high technology nanotechnology fabrics that can shift and remember shapes.

Biochemical Engineer Resume Template

Engr. Hariette J. Heatherton

W. Randolph St., Chicago, Illinois

Phone: 312-224-6654


To be a lead Biochemical Engineer in a large synthetics manufacturing company focused on consumer products

Summary of Qualifications

  • About 9 years of experience as Biochemical Engineer in a large company focused on developing synthetic bio-engineered products for various industries
  • Excellent interpersonal and supervisory skills

Career Experience / Job History

2001 – Present: Biochemical Engineer,  Narchem Corporation

  • Design and develop biochemical, pharmaceutical and materials processing systems and manufacturing processes for the company’s products.
  • Supervise technologists, technicians and junior engineers assigned in biochemical projects to introduce new commercial products.
  • Evaluate, determine and recommend to management the most cost-effective solutions and processes for commercial production of biochemical products.
  • Design and develop new and better biochemical processes and equipment for converting raw materials into products
  • Using computers, design and develop simulation models for controlling bio-engineered substances fro commercial production.


2001 – Present: various in house trainings and seminars on nanotechnology, biochemical trends and developments.

2001:  Passed board exams to become a Professional Engineer

1996 – 2001:  Bachelor of Science in Chemical Engineering, Princeton University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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