Aircraft Painter Resume Template

Did you know that on a B-747-400 aircraft, the paint on its body weighs 2 tons?  That’s how much coats of paints that aircraft painters apply on a modern widebody surface to prevent corrosions that happens when the aircraft is at cruising altitude.  The paint does not stay there for the life of the aircraft and a regular stripping is made to ensure its colors remain vibrant and the paint functional in its anti-corrosive effect.  Painting an aircraft is a team effort that is often done by seasoned fully trained aircraft painters headed by a licensed aircraft mechanics.

Aircraft Painter Template

Larry F. Smith

Toca Hills, Atlanta, Georgia

Phone: 404-599-0987


Looking for a position as a lead aircraft painter for a major airline

Summary of Qualification

  • 4 years of experience as a part time aircraft painter for B737 series aircraft  for a small charger commuter airline.
  • Above average command if the spoken and written English language.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Part Time Aircraft Painter/Stripper,  Great Lakes Charter Airline.

  • Strip old paint from the aircraft sheet metal using liquid paint remover and the prescribed scraping tools.
  • Sand and smooth surfaces with prescribed sanding hand tools
  • Coat metal surfaces of aircraft with lacquer, epoxy, resin or other material, using brushes, rollers, spray guns and other devices before applying the final paint color coat.
  • Roughen aluminum surfaces to insure paint adhesion to the surface
  • Perform appropriate stenciled masking to paint company logo and insignia, letters or numerals on the aircraft surface


2004 – 2006: BS in Aeronautical Engineering (Undergraduate),  DeVry University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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