Addiction Counselor Resume Template

Addictions counselors are specifically trained to rehabilitate people suffering from addition from controlled substances and unhealthy habits like smoking, alcoholism and coffee drinking.  With a firm understanding that there could be psychological or physical conditions such as medication with strong addictive drugs,  the addiction counselor helps addicts regain control of their lives.  They work with government agencies and rehabilitation centers to prevent, intervene and control addition.  This includes recommending their clients to go into an intensive rehab program such as Alcoholics Anonymous.

Addiction Counselor Resume Template

Sarah G. Harding

Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Phone:  215-54655-6687


Looking for a position as an addiction counselor in a health center, government agency or rehabilitation center

Summary of Qualification

  • 6 years of experience dealing with addicts as an addiction counselor for a local community health center.
  • Excellent social and interpersonal skills in dealing with patients of all persuasions.

Career Experience/Job History

2005 – Present:  Actress, Ford Theater Legacy Repertory, CA

  • Assess client strengths, problem areas, and degree of dependence
  • Plan treatment based on research and client history
  • Make referrals to other social work agencies if necessary
  • Document client progress
  • Work with organizations, institutions and communities to develop and implement programs
  • Analyze client history, developing strategies to deal with the addiction, as well as identifying and addressing underlying issues.
  • Meet with family members of the addict patients as well as social workers, correctional facility workers and counselors, to determine the best course of action in the treatment of the addiction.


2002 – 2005: Bachelor of Science in Psychology, Michigan State University

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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