Abs Tractor Resume Template

An Abs tractor usually works online and executes his job online.  He is a writer with knowledge in a wide range of subjects such as medicine, arts, science, communication and others.  They take information through research on the internet or any readily-available sources of information and summarize the gist of the information in at least one or two paragraphs.  This gives a gist of the information and makes it easier for other researchers and readers to identify the subject and grasp the important information from the abstract.

Abs tractor Resume Template

Sheila Band

McLure Building

Idaho, 7893

Phone: (878) 210-2100



Highly professional individual seeking for a position as Abstractor in an online company

Summary of Qualification

  • Strong writing skills and can work under pressure
  • Excellent in research work and can identify credible sources of information
  • Highly organized and keeps records of previous work to serve as references in the future
  • Very professional in handling relationships with co-workers and the management
  • Can produce abstracts based on published articles and journals and on topics related to science, health, communication and technology
  • With available resources from database and can start work immediately

Career Experience/Job History

2008 – 2011: Abstractor, Louisiana Middleton Library

  • Wrote abstracts based on Environmental Science journals
  • Specifically wrote about topics on animal protection, sustainable agriculture, renewable energy and energy conservation
  • Handed in abstracts on time and received comments and edit remarks and revised drafts
  • Developed section descriptions of recorded information from newspapers
  • Created a workable filing system for ease in information storage and retrieval

2004-2008: Web Content Writer, JBS Outsourcing

  • Wrote for the company’s product profile and services offered
  • Made updated reports and marketing materials for the company’s website
  • Researched and made abstracts for product descriptions


1998-2002: Bachelor of Arts in Development Communication, University of Louisiana

Professional reference will be furnished upon request

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