A Generic or Specific Résumé?

Will your résumé contain all your job experience or should it be focused to the requirement of the job being applied for?  It depends on the job.

Every résumé should be crafted to address a specific job requirement.  This not only ensures that your résumé is short and to the point, but it shows that you don’t want your reader to waste time reading qualification details that may often be irrelevant to the position being applied for.  If the company is looking for a C+ programmer, you only need to show your training for the job and any relevant certification along with previous jobs in the programming profession.  No need to show that you spent a couple of years as a Burger King attendant, or that you were a hotel receptionist before becoming a programmer.  No need to indicate your grade school since your employer assumes you’ve had that already.

On the other hand, an employer that’s looking for an office management position in the IT department will need to see your experience not just in the specific IT profession, but even a stint as a supervisor in a garment factory or as a hotel concierge will show your exposure in dealing with or supervising people, as well as working on administrative details that the job calls for.

It helps to maintain an all-encompassing résumé with your entire career history containing your major duties and responsibilities along with your major accomplishments.  Then, when applying for a job, you can just draft a short version containing just the relevant work experience, straight to the point.

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